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May 23 - Storms in Colorado and Nebraska

Hello from North Platte, Nebraska!

Another frustrating chase day... We stared off in Raton, NM heading north to northeast Colorado as a target. The drive was interesting to say the least! We came across deer, elk, antelope, and even a bear (unfortunately it was roadkill).

We made it to Wiggins, CO and watched a decent looking storm die. That was the mode of the day: storm goes up, looks good, dies. We chased in Nebraska and though the storm ended up weakening, we got some great photos at sunset.

Probably the most frustrating part of the whole day? There was a tornado... Where was the tornado? Just east of Roswell, NM. Where did we spend the last two days before heading north? Roswell, NM. Not the first time this has happened to a chaser and won’t be the last!

We played race-the-storms back to North Platte and are spending the evening here. Tomorrow will likely be our last (if not second last) chase day of the trip.