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May 24 - Storms in NW Kansas

Hello from Salina, Kansas (again)!

Another (kinda) unsuccessful chase day - as in no tornadoes. We started the day off in North Platte, Nebraska and hung out for the morning at the beautiful, brand new hotel we stayed at looking over weather data. We had lunch at a great Mexican joint then headed south into Kansas. We got to the Colby, KS area as storms fired up. 

The storms were going up quick but unfortunatley they just could not stay isolated enough to become 'tornadic'. They formed into a big line so the risk of tornadoes was minimal. We did get rapid rotation underneath a 'bookend vortex' and a bit of a funnel but it quickly dissipated. We headed east as the storms formed one big squall line with an epic shelf cloud and a great lightning show.

We kept moving east, stopping for pictures, then the storm got close, we moved east, and continued this pattern until we got to Salina for the evening. 

This was likely our last chase day. There are some prospects in Iowa tomorrow but we'll leave that decision for the morning.