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May 22 - Storms and Aliens in New Mexico

Hello from Raton, New Mexico!

 Today was a fun day! No tornadoes but it was filled with fun touristy stuff and great looking storms.

Since our target was just outside Roswell, we decided to visit the UFO museum in town which was super fun. We had lunch at an awesome Mexican restaurant then realized a storm was going up to our west. Needless to say we scarfed down our food and took off west. We didn’t head too far west out of Roswell, only until we had a good view of the storm from high terrain.

With the great view, we watch the storm develop and organize and eventually produce a solid wall cloud. Unfortunately it just couldn’t get its act together and produce a tornado. Another storm formed and followed the same storyline as the previous. This one moved a bit further northeast than the previous so we repositioned northwest of the town and had an incredible view.

The storm didn’t produce a tornado but, boy, was it a beautiful LP (low precipitation) supercell, backlit by the slowly setting sun. We watched and filmed the storm until it dissipated.

We made a lot of headway north as tomorrow’s target is quite a ways north (Nebraska-Colorado border, perhaps further). The drive sucked as the area we drove through was desolate and heavily populated with elk, deer, and coyotes.