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Travel Day 2 - Missouri to Kansas (May 16)

We got on the road early this morning and made it across the I-70 west through Kansas City and into the state of Kansas. From there we travelled through Topeka, Salina then down to Dodge City where we intended on spending the night. We made a rookie mistake and all the hotels in the entire town were booked. We called hotels in the nearby town of Garden City and the only availability was in a pricier hotel. So we made the 45 minute drive from Dodge City to Garden City to spend the night.

Here are some pictures from the journey down ...

To see more photos visit my Photography page. 

Also Brad is in the process of writing up a forecast blog for our chase day tomorrow (May 17). It never looked like a gang-busters day but there is some potential so we're going to head out chasing tomorrow. It seems as though our target area for tomorrow isn't far from where we're staying tonight which means more sleep! To check out Brad's forecast discussion go to his blog. The Storm Prediction Center has our "target" area in a "See Text" so they're thinking is the potential is low for storms as well. We knew tomorrow didn't scream "TORNADOES" but we're down here and we'll try for whatever we can.

Here's a video highlighting our journey down ...

For more videos visit Severe Weather Diaries on Youtube or my videos page on the website: Videos.

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