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Chase Day 1 - Western Kansas & Eastern Colorado (May 17)

Today was our first chase day and it was not a bust! We started off the day in Garden City, Kansas and from there headed to Tribune, Kansas where we hung out waiting for storms to initiate. It was hot and we honestly did not expect much to occur. A few "blips" showed up on radar so we headed west into Colorado towards Sheridan Lake then south to Bristol, Colorado. It was there along the 385 near Bristol that we got a view of our storm. It was very high based with very little rotation to it. It had an ok rain core, no hail really to speak of and then we saw it: a little spin up outside the rain core. We got a gustnado! It was way off in the field and unfortunately the video didn't turn out. Here's a map of our root today:

We followed the storm some more and pulled down a road to shoot some of it when we saw ... Zombie Dog! That is what we've named him. He didn't look like a zombie, he was kinda cute, but his eyes were almost completely white. He chased our vehicle up and down the road ... I kinda miss him now.

Moving on ... A few more storms popped up around the area but they were basically scraps. The one good thing was the storms were putting on a great lightning show. After chasing the scraps to get some lightning, we headed back to Garden City, Kansas where we're staying for the night. We're pouring over new model data now to decide our strategy for tomorrow. Considering we expect nothing today, it was a real treat and a great practice run for us.

Here are some photographs from today. To see the rest of the photographs visit the album here: Chase Day 1.

After letting it render through the night here is the highlight video from the chase:

Also, Brad is working on a forecast blog for us tomorrow, check it out here: Brad's Blog.

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