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Chase Day 2 - West Kansas & SW Nebraska (May 18)

What a long day! I'll keep this one short for now because I'm exhausted. I'll edit pictures and videos tomorrow (if I get a chance).

We started off in Garden City, Kansas and drove our way all the way up to Ogallala, Nebraska. From there we waited for storms to come to us. One storm held some promise and we followed it north to the Lake Mcconaughy State Recreation Area in Nebraska and watched the storm for a bit. It was very high based and only slight rotation but was still nice to watch. The storms continued north and we didn't want to keep following - not because we weren't interested - but it would put us out of position for tomorrow's chase. Tomorrow's target is split to parts of Nebraska or Oklahoma. At the moment we're favouring Oklahoma based on some of the newer models. We'll have to wait and see what the morning models hold.

Took some great pictures today so I'll try to edit them and get them up as soon as possible. Here's a preview of some of the shots I got today:

In the meantime ... sleeeeeep!

Goodnight from Hays, Kansas.

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