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Travel Day 1 - Ontario to Missouri (May 15)

Going to keep this post short because we're all exhausted after the long drive. We travelled from Toronto, Ontario to St. Charles, Missouri. We wanted to make it further but we were delayed by a ton of construction. We're having problems with our Verizon hotspot. We get a signal from it but there's no connectivity. Going to try and get it working tonight because it's pretty essentially. We still have GPS and HAM radio, but we definitely need to get the internet sorted out by tomorrow.

If we get internet going I'll try and post more from the road. Today was fairly dull, mostly just driving, driving, driving ... We did run into quite a few people who were excited about the hail guards. 

I've saved GPS data of our trip down but I'm unable to get it up on the site tonight. Our route today was basically Toronto to the border at Detroit, Michigan, west through Michigan to just past Ann Arbour then headed south through Indiana, through Illinois and now here we are in Missouri.

Goodnight from St. Charles, Missouri, central time!

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