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Eight Chase Day: NSSL/SPC/OU Building, BBQ-Bust and Luxury 

That's frustrating! So we knew there were some issues today and if storms did go up they would be supercells with the possibility of tornadoes. We had time in the morning and a friend of ours was kind enough to arrange a tour of NOAA's National Weather Service / Storm Prediction Center / National Severe Storms Laboratories / Oklahoma University building on the OU campus. Can I saw ... WOW! This is a meteorologists / atmospheric scientists dreams! The building houses some of the most brilliant atmospheric scientists and meteorologists in the world and combines the meteorology students into that. To learn in an environment like that would be a dream. It was a stunning building with an observatory room on the top with a 360 view of Norman, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City. This building was under a tornado warning earlier this week with the tornado outbreak and people were evacuated into the storm shelters. The students work directly with some of the most brilliant meteorology minds in the world. What a fantastic learning environment.

After the tour we went to this random BBQ place and it was delicious! We hung out there for a few hours until we realized that's it ... no storms today. We've headed to Woodward, Oklahoma and are finishing our trip west tomorrow. We've been thinking possibly Colorado but will reassess in the morning with newer model data. Either way we've come far enough west to not have to travel too far. So the only hotel available in Woodward was the Hampton Inn. Now Woodward is a small, unassuming town but this hotel is fantastic! Probably the most gorgeous hotels you can stay in while on the Plains. Let's say one of the last nights here we'll be spending in luxury. So I'm going to get some sleep because we have to be up earlier. I'll upload pictures as well.

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