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Damage and Amazing Stories

As I mentioned earlier, we surveyed the Binger-El Reno-Peidmont-Guthrie tornado path. We stopped to speak to a fellow chaser, Rocky, and his son and wife who experienced the wedge tornado. His son told us an incredible story about how he had to run around the ranch letting the horses out, getting the vehicles places, getting supplies into the storm shelter, making sure his mother was okay and the entire time there was cloudto-ground lightning all around and a wedge tornado headed his way. They got into the storm shelter and were in there for about 10 minutes until the tornado passed. While in there they had to kill Black Widow spiders so they didn't get bitten. The tornado passed very close to their house but their house was spared. Other houses in the neighbourhood weren't as lucky. The damage was unbelievable.

I've added photos to the Photography section of damage. Tomorrow looks like another chase day around Oklahoma so we'll be sticking in this area. We'll also have a chance to visit the Storm Prediction Center and the National Severe Storms Labratory before we chase. This should be really cool to see.

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