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Another Down Day and More Damage

So today is another down day for us. We just had some lunch and will be heading out shortly to look at some more damage from the Binger-El Reno-Piedmont-Guthrie tornado. We're then going to a fellow chaser's house which was just missed by this tornado and will be interviewing his wife who was there during the whole thing. She rode out the worst of it in their storm shelter.

More information on the outbreak (specifically in Oklahoma) can be found here: The Tornado Outbreak of May 24, 2011.

It looks like Friday - Sunday will be more chase days around Oklahoma again. We will be chasing Friday and Saturday and maybe Sunday then head back to Canada from there. So we have a few more opportunities to see more storms and possibly tornadoes before the trip is through. We also hope to have it to the SPC and NSSL building to check it out and maybe get a few shirts. 

We're going to head out not to check out the damage. I'll try to post more pictures later.

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