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No Chase, Damage Survey and More Devastation

Today we took as a down day. There was tornadoes reported all over but were far from our position so we decided to stay put. Instead we decided to survey the damage path of the Chickasha to Moore, Oklahoma tornado. The damage was devastating. We could not believe our eyes. We saw damage at the bottom of the interstate and climbed a hill to take a look. When we got to the top of the hill we couldn't believe was we were seeing. Damage path as far as the eye can see, ground scouring by the tornado, houses destroyed ... It was terrible. We drove through the estimated 30 mile path of the tornado and at each turn the damage and devastation was just as jaw dropping as the first thing we saw. There were mangled cars, destroyed houses, giant propane tanks tossed. We even came across a barbed wire that had been put through a tree by the tornado ... The ground scouring was incredible to see. At one point the tornado went completely over some vegetation and farm fields are you could make out the scouring and the rotation. I will try to edit and upload those pictures tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be another down day for us. It looks like Friday - Sunday will be more severe weather in this area so we're going to get a bit more rest before the chase starts again. We'll be starting the journey home most likely on Sunday. I uploaded the Ada, Oklahoma tornado video to the video section and am in the process of doing the same with the Okeene, Oklahoma tornado we saw.

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