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Seventh Chase Day - High Risk, Damage and Devastation

Today was interesting and frustrating. The cells went up early and fast today and all at once. Every cell was a supercell and a monster with hail and rotation. We followed a cell near Fairview, Oklahoma. Unfortunately from our vantage point it was so hazy that we couldn't see much. We tried to cut through the core but didn't want to risk the hail. Dave and Scott did push through and managed to get a rope tornado on the cell. What we didn't know is that this cell had just produced a massive wedge tornado. We managed not to see a tornado today but the devastation is awful.

The town of Peidmont is almost completely destroyed. There's been unconfirmed reports of people killed on the I-40. Tomorrow we aren't chasing and will take it slow and easy. We're going to try and see some of the damage caused by today's tornadoes. We saw some off the interstate earlier and just devastating. Unfortunately we all knew today was going to be a dangerous and deadly tornado day. Here is an interesting image of the El Reno, Oklahoma mesonet. A mesonet is a type of weather station and it records different atmospheric attributes. Here is a crop of the measured pressure and wind speed. I've outlined the spike/drop where the pressure drops off and the wind peaks as the tornado goes by:

I intended on editing some more video and photos but today was a really long day. We've been chasing for a week straight with no down days which means going to bed at around 1:00am every night and up by 8:00am and driving all day long - rinse and repeat. Hopefully I'll be able to get to some tomorrow.

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