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Ninth Chase Day: Driving in Circles

Another frustrating chase day. Started off in Woodward, Oklahoma and decided to head to Colorado to catch some upslope induced supercells. We get part of the way there and decide that the weather isn't shaping up properly so we abandon that target and head for the secondary target along the Oklahoma-Kansas border. We travel through and notice a little cell going up near Kingfisher. We decide to head south a little to see what it does. Well ... It died. The cell got choked off by the capping mixing back in and died. So we decided to head north of Wichita to spend the night.

In the end we drove 890 km (550 miles) to get from Woodward, Oklahoma to north of Wichita, Kansas which on a direct route would have been 430 km (270 miles). Ahhh the life of a storm chaser.

Tomorrow we have two targets and will soon be looking at the newer model runs. We're interested in central Kansas or eastern Nebraska. We'll make the decision in the morning.

Here's hoping we get a few more storms before we start heading home to Canada.

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