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First Chase Day - Bust

Well ... it happens, we busted. Everyone in Oklahoma busted! Such is the life of a storm chaser. All the ingredients were there except for the forcing: the necessary lift needed to cause storms to form. We sat in Kingfisher for a long time in 28°C temperature with a humidex of 35. Needless to say we all got a bit of a sunburn. We sat in the parking lot of a Loves for a long time waiting, watching, refreshing radars and nothing ... 

Unfortunately it's graduation time for colleges here in the U.S. so all the hotels in major towns are booked. We wanted to stay further north into Kansas but all the hotels were booked. We managed to get rooms in Blackwell, OK and will be on the road early tomorrow to get to our target area in Kansas. We haven't narrowed down the target just yet but it still looks to be, at this point, western Kansas. 

Scott and Dave also arrived today. We met up with them in Kingfisher after their long drive from New York. It's great to see them again. We also met up with Cloud 9 Tours and George Kourounis later in the evening. So time to get some sleep because we have a very early start tomorrow. Again I will try to post here but if not my Twitter will be updated which can also be seen on my Facebook.

Check out the photos and videos section as I added new media to them both.

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