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Second Chase Day - Bust

We got spoiled last year... Let's put it that way. Once again the set up was perfect. It was another hot, humid day and all the necessary ingredients were there. Storms started going up but they went up all at once along the dry line. Then then formed into one big mess of thunderstorms. There were several tornado reports in north-central Kansas. We were in more central - south-central Kansas near Pratt. We hung out in Pratt for a while then headed towards storms. Things started to become messy and we had to call it a day. We are all frustrated because the set up was so perfect. We haven't had a chance to really figure out what went wrong today. We'll most likely discuss it over dinner. Last year by this time we had seen several tornadoes but we've been reassured by veteran chasers that this is what chasing is really like! We did get some nice cloud structures which I will post later when we get to the hotel. We'll be spending the night in Wichita, KS and heading south tomorrow towards Oklahoma. 

Tomorrow's severe weather outlook is a little ridiculous from a meteorologist's standpoint. The slight risk is massive: extends from southern Texas to southern South Dakota and then in the west from Oklahoma to the east in Arkansas. It's a huge area! We'll narrow down our target tonight.

Going to have dinner now, will update with pictures and videos once we're at the hotel.

Reader Comments (2)

Just think of it this way...Catch a tornado the next 8 days in a row and you will only have 2 busts out of 10 days...80%!! Better luck as you continue your trip.

May 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterGreg Johnson

Thanks, Greg! I just saw this post today ... the day after we got our tornado! We'll have to see how today pans out. Looks like tomorrow and Tuesday will be big, big chase days.

May 22, 2011 | Registered CommenterDayna Vettese
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