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Long Range Models

Well May is now slowly creeping into our long range forecast weather models.  So far the pattern has been very progressive with monster-trough after monster-trough.  April has been a record breaking months for tornadoes and chasers can only hope May will be the same.  Of course, we also hope that the amount of fatal tornadoes in kept as low as possible.  The recent 3-day outbreak in the U.S. has been devastating and is not at all what chasers want to encounter.  The ultimate tornado is beautiful, photogenic tornado in the middle of a field, not tearing through a town.

We're getting close a there's still a lot to do.  The laptop stand will be finished most likely tomorrow or the next day.  Then we need to bring it to Mark's and install the amplifier on it.  We have a list of things we need to pick up as well but hey, at least we're organized!  Brad and I will be day-tripping it to Buffalo to pick up the mobile hotspot.  Other than that we're set to go! 

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