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Coming Together

Well, things certainly are coming together.  Brad and I went to Mark's place last night to get all of the electrical equipment, communications equipment and hardware put together.  We're still waiting on a couple of pieces but we managed to get most things wired as well as iron out a few kinks we discovered along the way.  The list of materials to buy is significantly shorter which is great!  We're still awaiting the laptop cooling pad as well as the mobile hot spot.  

Brad and Mark working on the communications / electrical tower.We know the dimensions pf those devices and where they will be mounted so those should go in no problem.  We realized that the box (acting as a laptop stand) will be slightly top heavy so we've figured out a way to keep it stable without the use of a sand bag and also not impede leg room for the people sitting in the middle seats.  We also discussed wiring within the vehicle that will keep it clean and wires out of the way.  One of the issues we had last year was stepping on wires, accidentally shutting off power bars, etc.  We've figured that all out so that things are under seats and out of the way for easy access in and out of the vehicle.

Once we get the rest of the equipment we'll have another get together at Mark's for last minute touches.  Mark will be renting the vehicle this week or next week and we hope we get the same vehicle as last year.  It was a fully loaded Chrysler Town and Country and it worked out perfect.

In the meantime ... There's a moderate risk for severe weather tomorrow in Oklahoma and Kansas so to anyone chasing tomorrow: have fun and be safe!

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