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Laptop Stand - Mobile Hot Spots

So the box is built for the laptop stand (Dave Lewison, you would be proud!) ... Ok, maybe not since to you it was child's play but hey ... I'm a meteorologist not an engineer :)  We had to order in the cooling fan in the proper dimensions so that won't be here for another week.  Heading to Mark's over the next day or so to install the amplifier inside the box.  We're also going to line up all the electrical equipment and computer equipment and figure out what (if any) wires, cords, adapters, etc. we may need to purchase or acquire before we head down.

So Verizon does not ship to Canada so I thought perhaps I could ship it to family or friends in the USA and they could Fed Ex or UPS it to me.  Called to get quotes from both and WOW is it expensive!  Even for the longest and cheapest shipping it was very expensive.  So Brad and I will be making a trip to New York in the coming weeks to purchase the device in-store since we will be in the area for holidays.  

Most of our preparations are awaiting parts but those should be here soon.  We seem to be on track with everything and my meticulous note taking and "to do" lists are keeping us organized! 

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