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Getting Close

We're getting closer and closer to storm chasing! The rental vehicle has been booked which is fantastic. Tried to get across the border yesterday to grab the mobile hot spot but it being a long weekend and that fact that the Canadian dollar is high, the wait to get across was 3 hours.

Three hour wait to get across the border to Buffalo, NY,

It's hard sitting here and seeing all the tornadoes occurring in the U.S. I keep getting people saying, "Why aren't you out there now?!" Well, for one, it's hard to pick-up-and-leave at anytime when you have a job with set hours. I have to book vacation time ahead of time to make sure my shifts are covered.  Secondly, when renting a vehicle, you need to give rough dates to the rental company so last minute again is hard to achieve. Still, May is the month for tornadoes in the U.S. so we'll have to see how it pans out. There is some concern of ENSO shifting from La Nina to neutral and the effects that will have on the weather patterns. The last thing we want is a massive ridge setting up and bright, sunny skies for a week. Unless I was somewhere in the Carribbean of course ... As of right now, some extremely long range models are suggesting a "lull" in severe weather for the first week of May then picking back up again.  If this is the case we should be down just in time for things to pick back up again. Here's hoping!

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