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May 20 - The Journey Home

And today begins the journey home... 

Starting the day off in Ardmore, Oklahoma saying goodbye to our friends as we start our trek back to Toronto, Ontario.

Photo courtesy Dr. Jason Persoff: Our annual chase trip groupie: Brad, Scott, Ross, Kathy, Mark, Dave, Chris, Jason, Yan, and I.

Chase Trip Stats

  • Total distance travelled: 7,030 km (4,368 mi)
  • Number of chase days: 3
  • Number of tornadoes: 3
    • McLean, Texas - Tuesday, May 16
    • Chester, Oklahoma - Thursday, May 18
    • Waynoka, Oklahoma - Thursday, May 18
  • Number of states driven through: 8
    • MI, OH, IN, IL, MO, KS, OK, TX
  • Biggest number of supercells chased in one day: 4 on Tuesday, May 16
  • Number of times eating at Subway: 3*           *this number likely to go up over next two days
  • Number of times driven over the Red River: 4
  • Number of birds hit by our vehicle: 3
  • Number of fried burritos eaten: 2
  • Number of bugs found in our motel rooms: 6*            *none were bed bugs
  • Number of sudoku completed: 13*           *this number likely to go up over next two days