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May 19 - Weird Storms Near the Red River

Hello from Ardmore, Oklahoma!

We started the morning in Blackwell, Oklahoma and had a tough forecasting decision to make: chase in Kansas or south of the Red River in Texas. Two targets were east of Childress, Texas south of the Red River or in and around Medicine Lodge, Kansas. The Kansas area had great shear but there was a question of whether or not we could get enough instability up there. The Texas area had great instability but moderately favourable shear environment. In the end, the Texas target was agreed upon on our group so we headed south.

We got on a cluster of storms just south of the Red River near Henrietta. It showed some promise but was certainly struggled so we tracked it north back across the Red River toward Wilson, Oklahoma. Those storms died out and more were developing to the south so back we went, across the Red River again, toward Henrietta... tracked those north and they too died out. The storms in our area would build up, produce a wall cloud, then completely disintegrate. After all that, we called the chase, headed back across the Red River again to spend the night in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

We got the whole gang together and ate at a restaurant in Ardmore. After we paid, we got an alert that our area was under a tornado warning and sure enough, a rotating storm was headed for our area just north of our location. We packed up and headed just north on the I-35 for Springer, Oklahoma and let the storm come to us. By the time it arrived, it had lost all its rotation so we called it a night. Looks like Friday was our last chase day and we'll be starting the journey home on Saturday.