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May 25 - Windy, Wet & Flooded Texas

Hello from Wichita Falls, TX!

After yesterday's disappointment, we woke up today feeling equally as terrible about today. There weren't any clear areas for severe isolated storms but it was evident that a large MCS (mesoscale convective system) would take shape and move across Texas. This would pose even more of a problem for the already mostly flooded state. We headed east and south out of Childress, TX toward Jacksboro, TX. As we were moving along, we decided to salvage the storms of the day, we would position ourselves in Jacksboro, TX where it looked like the strong winds at the apex of the bow echo would come through.

After getting to Jacksboro, TX and scouting the town, we found a perfect location to set up with a lot of sheltering overhangs and sheltered to the wind and rain coming in from the west. We waited for the storm to roll in and it did. The winds weren't overly impressive but it did pour and there was a lot of thunder and lightning.

Once the main part of the storm moved through and we were left with just light rain, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and decided to head to Wichita Falls, TX to stay for the night. On the way we pulled over to do some photography (mammatus clouds with wind mills). Once we got into Wichita Falls, TX, the flooded was evident. Roads, parks, schools under water. We stopped to do some video and photography of that as well.

There is the risk of storms tomorrow through Oklahoma so we'll figure out a target tonight then re-assess in the morning.

The Storm Prediction Center's thunderstorm risk for tomorrow (Tuesday).