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May 24 - Bust!

Hello from Childress, TX!

Today was... Painful. We started off in Liberal, KS and headed south toward just southeast of Amarillo, TX. There was better flow, CAPE, shear, etc. we waited and waited and storms started to fire in Colorado but stayed where we were.

We blue sky busted in our area. No storms could get going to benefit from the great environment! Then... At sundown, a massive supercell formed in southwest Kansas *just* north of where we spent the night last night. It was night time but a lot of people were on the storm. It dropped a large tornado which eventually became a wedge. This storm went on for a while sustaining itself and cycling. It narrowly missed Plains, KS and fortunately went south of the town of Ensign, KS. Apparently it got very foggy plus the fact that it was nighttime meant visibility was low.

Very happy the towns were okay and congratulations to everyone who saw the tornado last night. It hurts knowing we were there in the morning but you make the best call you can based on the information you have and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't... That's chasing!