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May 26 - Chase Day 11 - The Amazing LP 

Hello from Kearney, Nebraska!

We started the morning off in ... where else ... North Platte, Nebraska. We had a tentative target of McCook, Nebraska but had to refine as the day wore on. We ended up heading back north to North Platte and then continue north toward Arnold, Nebraska.

The cumulus were fading but and the potential for a bust was growing bigger and bigger. Then it happened: a blip on radar near Broken Bow and 95% of the chasers in Nebraska headed for the storm!

As we approached the storm from the northwest the updraft was unbelievable! A beautiful storm to watch grow. As we got closer it became more and more beautiful. A giant, low precipitation supercell with amazing structure and dangerous, but beautiful, lightning. The storm tried to create a few wall clouds but just couldn't get its act together.

That didn't matter because the structure and the lightning were incredible. We got some of the best video and photos we've taken all trip! We sat just west of the town of Arcadia and filmed timelapse and took numerous pictures.

As the light faded and the storm subsided, we made our way south to Kearney, Nebraska where we're spending the night. I don't have time tonight to post pictures and video but here's a sneak peak at the amazing structure and lightning we saw:

This next week looks to be a huge chase week with day after day of big severe risks. Unfortunately yesterday we got to experience some of the most disgusting driving I have ever witnessed. People were driving on the wrong side of the road, cutting people off on dirt roads, pulling off on the small shoulder of the highway and swinging their doors open. It wasn't just out of town chasers though ... We saw a lot of locals out doing the same thing so you can't just blame the chasers. We saw a group of locals try to pass us on a solid line for about a mile UP HILL! We had no idea who was coming down the other side. One of our chaser friends saw this same group purposely try and kill a turkey on the road. Disgusting ... 

Anyway, unfortunately this seems to be the way chasing is going but I hope that changes because someone's going to get injured just by driving.

Off to sleep, another big chase day tomorrow.


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