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May 25 - Chase Day 10 - Busting, Carhenge and North Platte ... Again!

BUST! Sigh ... A lovely 470 mile square around Nebraska ... back to where we started ...

We knew today didn't have the greatest potential but when you're out here for a limited time you chase everything you can. We headed north toward Valentine, Nebraska then west toward Gordon. Data was hit of miss so we didn't get a good look at things until we stopped in Gordon.

A nice cell was firing north of Rapid City, South Dakota and there was no way we were venturing up there! We kept tabs on it from radar. We started heading back south toward Alliance, Nebraska and watched some showers develop into ... Nothing. 

We stopped at Carhenge and took some photos like good tourists then got back in the cars with our tails tucked and headed back to North Platte.

We were treated to a beautiful sunset and some pretty low precipitation updrafts but here we are again, same hotel, North Platte, Nebraska.

We chase again tomorrow and then next week looks like some intense chasing in the Plains.

TWO **NEW** videos added to the video page including dust devils on May 22 and standing under a rotating updraft and amazing lightning on May 24 here: 2013 Storm Chase Video. I've added them below but go to that page for full list of videos from this season. 


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