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May 14 - Travel Day 2

Hello from Norman, Oklahoma! We finally made it!

We left Eureka, Missouri this morning at about 10:00am CDT after having our first storm chaser breakfast at Denny's. We made good time driving and were able to stop in Joplin, Missouri to see how the town has been recovering since the devastating EF5 tornado in 2011. The town seems to be rebuilding well and we even noticed some of the new homes have solar panels installed. You can pretty much determine where the tornado tracked based on old homes versus new homes.

Check out the photography section for some new photos added. I have also edited and uploaded a quick video highlighting our journey down found below or in the video section.

We ate dinner with Dan Shaw, Australian storm chaser (check out his website here: at On the Border restaurant. Looks like tomorrow we'll be headed toward the Childress, Texas area for our first chase day! It's not the ideal set up but there's a chance and we're taking itl

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