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May 13 - Travel Day 1

We made it - part of the way - and in good time! Hello from Central Time Zone and Eureka, Missouri. We left this morning at about 7:00am from the Toronto area and picked up Greg from his house. We made good time through the Detroit border crossing where, as usual, the border guard was poking fun at us.

From Detroit we headed south to Toledo, Ohio where we picked up out internet hot spot. This time it was quick and painless! Seems to be working (for now) but we all know how the signal is in Tornado Alley ... Well, if you don't, it's BAD! 

After that we headed south then west again into Indiana, Illinois then finally Missouri to spend the night.

We're mulling over the forecast now from the comfort of our hotel room. Surprisingly the internet is pretty fast in here! The plan for tomorrow is to continue southwest into Oklahoma and see what's doin' in the wacky world of weather.

Good night, everyone. Apologies for the less-than-interesting update. Travel days are usually ... well ... lack luster. It was a fun car ride down though! Should be a fun chase with Brad and Greg. Can't wait to meet up with the rest of the chasers out here.

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