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May 29 - Damage in Lawrence, Kansas

Hello from Richmond, Indiana!

This morning we made our way from Topeka to Lawrence, KS to take a look at the damage from the tornado the day before. It was devastating... to say the least. As of right now, no reported fatalities with the tornado which is astounding! We were able to zigzag our way through the neighbourhoods with the worst damage. We didn't linger or loiter as emergency crews were working to clear the area of debris and fix power lines. From what we were able to see, it looked like high-end EF3 tornado damage. At times, the path was wide and others, narrow. A house would be almost destroyed and the next door neighbour virtually untouched.

We wanted to make it to Dayton, Ohio but that town was also devasted by a tornado the other day so all the hotels are booked (righfully so) with people whose homes are damaged. So we stayed one town west in Richmond, IN.

Update: Both the Lawrence, KS and the Dayton, OH tornadoes have been rated EF4.

Path of the Lawrence, KS EF4 tornado via NWS Topeka.