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May 26 - Colorado Tubes

Hello from Burlington, Colorado!

We started the morning in Dodge City, KS and headed west and north to Lamar, CO. We saw storms fire east of meandered that way to watch them and they dissipated. Today was very messy and convection was firing all at the same time. We went back west to Lamar then north out of there toward a good looking storm near Wiley and as we got on it, it produced a very quick tornado. We continued with it but then it dissipated so we headed back south toward another good looking storm. When we got to it, it produced several fantastic wall clouds but the road network was poor so keeping up with it was difficult.

We continued north but there was a lot of hail in the way between us and a view of the business-end of the storm. We thought we saw something back in the hail but couldn't tell. However, some chasers reported a tornado in there so I guess that was it?

Tomorrow... what to do tomorrow... We chase the High Plains of Colorado into Wyoming or the dryline in Kansas...

We'll see what the morning brings!