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May 19 - Storms in Oklahoma

Hello from Enid, Oklahoma!

Another frustrating chase day but, heck, that's the 2018 chase season for you... We started the day off in Salina, Kansas and headed south into Oklahoma to chase northeast Oklahoma area (which isn't the best chase territory). Storms were firing early and we got on the best looking storm around. It was looking very interesting, with rotation visually and on radar, but the business end of the storm was block by the rain. The tornado warned storm ended up producing some damage near our position but unclear if that was tornadic or not. Based on the way the storm and radar were looking at the time, it was likely straightline wind damage. This storm started to become outflow dominant as it moved into southeast Kansas/southwest Missouri so we ditched it and headed toward the Blackwell, Oklahoma area.

After putting around at a gas station trying to decide what to do, we decided to call it a day and head for Enid, Oklahoma to spend the night. As we started the drive there, some storms started firing west of Enid near the Fairview area. The storm started taking on a very good 'shape' on radar so we tried our best to make it there. On the way, we started seeing reports that it was an LP storm (low precipitation): those kinds of storms typically don't produce a tornado but they can be very beautiful to photograph.

We got stuck in the Enid-stoplight-apocalypse so by the time we got to the storm is was... well... evaporating. So we called it a day again, headed back to Enid, and here we are for the night. Tomorrow isn't a chase day and we'll likely spend it travelling west to get into position for Monday. We'll likely stay in Amarillo, Texas tomorrow then possibly be chasing in New Mexico on Monday.