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May 14 - Travel Day 1

Hello from Higginsville, Missouri!

Looong travel day for us. We left home at about 7:30am and put in 17 hours worth of driving, or 1500 km (about 930 miles).

We ran into a bit of a delay at the border because we were picked for a vehicle search but after finding only nerd gadgets, snacks, and a sudoku book, they sent us on our way. We activated our internet hot spot without issue near Toledo, Ohio but then noticed a small issue... the hot spot would not hold a charge! After doing a bit of trouble shooting it seems that the hot spot would get a charge, stay on for a bit, then kick off and lose all of its juice. I looked up a battery store in Indianapolis and we saw we could make it there with an hour before closing and it was pretty darn likely that they would not have this battery (since it's a pretty old model hot spot). The store had one left, one left! It seems to be working fine and charging so here's hoping that stays that way... Our other options are very limited.

Tomorrow we have our eyes set on southwestern Kansas. We're taking a look at models now and have been periodically throughout the day and have been favouring that area. A bit of a dryline setup in the area should give us that lift we need, moisture is a small concern though current observations are favourable. The LCL's (cloud bases if you will) are progged to be on the high side tomorrow so tornado threat is low but non-zero so off we'll go!

SPC Day 2 categorical outlook is a Slight Risk (valid for May 15, 2017).

We'll get an early start tomorrow and meet up with Scott and Dave along the way as they're already a few hours ahead in travel in Kansas already. If you want to follow along, we'll both be posted to Twitter on occassion: Dayna and Brad.