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May 7 - Travel Day

Hello from Warrenton, Missouri!

We've been on the road since 7:00am ET and pulled into our hotel for the night at 11:00pm ET (10:00pm CT). Our route took us from the northern Greater Toronto Area, picked up Matt, and we headed southwest along the 401. We crossed the border at Detroit, MI then made a quick stop in Toledo, OH where we activated our hot spot for internet and data in the chase truck. All is working well and the electronics seem to be in working order!

Matt giving the vehicle a spin as we drive through Illinois

From Toledo, OH we continued to may our way south and west headed south toward Dayton, OH then west through Indiana, Illinois and finally our resting place for the night about an hour west of St. Louis, MO.

Things have certainly escalated in terms of the forecast for the next few days. The Storm Prediction Center has put out a MODERATE risk for severe storms tomorrow (Friday) as well as a MODERATE risk for storms Saturday. With a 45% hatched probability area of Saturday, there is a chance it could go HIGH risk. 

Friday's risk (as of Thursday afternoon) via SPCSaturday's risk (as of Thursday afternoon) via SPC

Both days have us particularly nervous but most from a "numbers" standpoint. I don't want to come across as hypocritical because we are out here chasing as well. But it is a concern when they may be quite a large crowd of chasers out especially on Saturday since many folks have that day off. We'll see what happens...

We have an early start in the morning to get into position to chase. Normally we take two days to travel before we start chasing but it looks like our second "travel" day will also involve a chase! We'll refine a target tonight and likely continue west along the I-70 toward Kansas and depending on our thoughts will head for the target. We could have a 6-7 hour drive for us tomorrow so if we want to make initiation (start time of storms) then we need to head out early.

Took some video of us driving through the various States but I'll edit that at a later time.