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May 28 - That's a Wrap on 2015!

Hello from... on the road somewhere in Kansas!

We're headed home. Today was our last chase day and we played around in the Texas panhandle. There was a lot of potential today but unfortunately there were too many storms all interacting with each other in the area that we just couldn't get a good storm to sustain itself.

So now we begin the marathon journey home... It's about a 24 hour drive from where we were in Texas to Toronto, Ontario. We're going to push it as much as we can but obviously stop if we get too tired. We do have three of us that can rotate driving which is great.

Though our chase trip started and ended strong for us, there was a lot of frustration in the middle! It was a very difficult chase trip from a forecasting standpoint. Every chase day began with morning convection which meant you went to bed thinking one target and woke up to realize, nope, your target is pretty much out of reach for the day. Nonetheless, we did see plenty of tornadoes all in Texas!

Number of tornadoes this trip: 7 (or 7.5)

  • May 13 - Guthrie, TX: Two tornadoes
    • Both not rated, no damage

  • May 18 - Pecos, TX: One (very strange) tornado
    • Not rated, no damage
  • May 26 - Possum Kingdom State Park, TX: Half a tornado?
    • Looked back and in the rain saw the left and right edge of something, could not see the ground due to hills in the way
    • Later images and video from the area of tornado resembled what we saw in the rain
  • May 27 - Canadian, TX: Four tornadoes
    • EF2 - impacted oil drilling plant, critical injuries to several workers
    • EF1
    • EF1
    • EF0

The sad prt about the trip is leaving a lot of our friends who we typically only see while we're out chasing! Friends from all over the U.S. and even from Australia! We had the pleasure of chasing with Scott McPartland, Dave Lewison, Stephen Barabas, Chris Kridler, Mark Robinson, Jaclyn Whittal, Michel Millaire, Bill Hark, and Daniel Shaw as well as running into countless other chasers we only get to see while out here! Hopefully we'll be back again next year.

All photography from this trip can be found here: Photography

Once I'm home I will begin to edit the abundance of video I've acquired this trip.

Now on to Canada's severe storm season...