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May 22 - Storms & Cold in Colorado

Hello from Goodland, Kansas!

We woke up in Amarillo, TX and decided to head for the eastern Colorado target. We headed north through the Oklahoma panhandle into Colorado. We stopped a couple of times along the way to assess ending up in Hugo, CO. From there we saw some storms starting to initiate to our west so we headed west along road 2W out of town to watch the storms.

To keep up with the one storms we worked our way back east into Hugo, CO then just north of town along road 31/109. Here we pulled over with a great vantage point up on a hill of storms to our east and west. We also had some friendly horses near by to pet. After watching both storms, we saw the storms near Burlington, CO were picking up steam and had some decent rotation. We repositioned east toward Seibert, CO then pulled over to watch the storms. Though we were treated to a beautiful rainbow, the storms had weakened and the one back to our west was strengthening!

Panorama of storm near Seibert, Colorado (May 22).

We headed back west toward Flagler, CO and pulled over to watch the storm. Though there was little rotation, the storm treated us to a beautiful mini-mothership supercell so we took timelapse photos and video of the storm for awhile. This storm started to fizzle and ones back to our east pulsed up again! New photos of the chase day added here.

We headed back east toward the storms but they started losing their punch as well. Luckily we had to head that direction anyway to get to our hotel for the night in Goodland, KS. Did I mentioned how cold it was today?! Wow... I don't think I've ever been that cold on a chase before. After grabbing a quick dinner in Burlington, CO, we headed for our hotel which was a short drive made long by pouring rain and fog!

Tomorrow looks like we may be in this area again or maybe a few hours south.

The Storm Prediction Center's thunderstorm risk for tomorrow (Saturday).