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May 16 - Moderate Mess in Kansas & Oklahoma

Hello from Norman, Oklahoma!

What a day... 500 miles of driving for a somewhat rotating wall cloud. That's storm chasing, I guess. We started off in Colby, KS and started the drive south. It was a very widespread risk of storms today so trying to nail down a single location proved to be a difficult task. 

When the storm started to fire things got messy fast. Initially we were aiming for Woodward, OK toward Greensburg, KS. As we continued south we monitored satellite, observations and radar and adjusted south. We kept stair stepping south into Oklahoma and then the beast-o cell took shape right along the Red River in southern Oklahoma. It was very far from where we were but we tried desperately to get to it in time. It put down a massive tornado that went through Elmer and Tipton, OK.

We dropped south to the Anadarko, OK area. By the time we got there, the storm was still rotation and it had a wallcloud but no tornado. It quickly became wrapped up in rain and was difficult to see anything. We admitted defeat for the day and headed to Norman, OK to spend the night.

New photos have been added to the photography section here.

Tomorrow is a marginal risk day for storms, we aren't expecting much likely headed into western or southwestern Oklahoma. Then again, we didn't expect much the day we saw the tornado near Guthrie, TX. Sometimes the marginal risk days are the best days. 

The Storm Prediction Center's thunderstorm risk forecast for tomorrow (May 17).