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May 14 - No More Luck in Lubbock

Hello from Dodge City, Kansas (again)!

We started the day in Lubbock, TX and really, the target for today was... well.. Lubbock, TX. Our one main concern was, yes, the environment looked good for storms in our area for today BUT tomorrow (Friday) looks to hold very good storm potential in... well... Nebraska and that is a loooong way from where we were in Texas. We decided, if by 4:00pm CT things weren't looking to get going soon in our area, we were going to start our journey north. Sure enough, things still hadn't fired by that time so we started venturing north. Our target for sleeping was Dodge City, KS which was about a five to six hour drive from where we were.

We hit the road and essentially didn't stop until Dodge City, KS (except for a photo op or two near the Caprock and gas along the way). We pulled into Dodge City at around 11:00pm CT and managed to grab a bite to eat.

We're up very early tomorrow to continue north into Nebraska - our 9th state this season. Tomorrow currently holds an ENHANCED risk for storms. Saturday also holds good potential back in this region.

The Storm Prediction Center's risk assessment for storms tomorrow (Friday).