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May 12 - Another Travel Day and Texas

Hello from Amarillo, Texas!

Today was another non-chase day. We headed west and south out of Dodge City, KS to make our way to Amarillo, TX. We are making out way west to get into position for some possible "upslope" play over the next couple of days. These are very marginal but worth a shot. The real deal begins Friday with a few days of possible intense chase days. To read more about that set up, visit Brad's blog here.

The truck is getting some service done (oil change and stone chip in the windshield fixed). So far we've put in about 4600 km (2860 miles) and eight states! 

States coloured in green are the states we have driven through totalling eight states in six days.

Tonight we'll likely head to The Big Texan for some good Texas eats. We'll reasses the forecast tonight and decide out plan for tomorrow.