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May 9 - Chasing Storms in Oklahoma & Kansas

Hello from Pratt, Kansas! It's currently raining and thundering outside...

We began the day in Clinton, OK Our big worry for the day was that there was a lot of morning convection (storms) going through the target area. We woke up to a misty, foggy, cool morning. We made our way toward Woodward, OK where we stopped to reassess the forecast. It was a very foggy drive but when we got to Woodward, the heavens opened up! It was absolutely pouring. We spent some time in a McDonald's mooching off the wifi. After a few hours we decided that the environment would likely re-energize so we headed to Turpin, OK which is due south of Liberal, KS.

We start to see some blips on the radar so we repositioned north in Sublette, KS where we hung out watching the skies for a few hours. The cumulus were really struggling to break through the cap and just did not seem to have enough moisture. Some storms fired off to our south in the Oklahoma panhandle so we headed south to meet them. Having backtracking through Turpin, we continued east toward Forgan and watched a couple of storms do their thing.

Unfortunately they just could not perform today and cap kept winning. We did get some beautiful pictures of the storms and structure at sunset but a tornado was not in our cards today. We did manage to see two shear funnels though! New images have been added to the photo gallery here.

There were many tornado reports and we've seen some crazy images of tornadoes in Colorado and Texas. We're sad to hear that there was likely a fatality in the Texas tornado. Today was a difficult forecast so I'm not down on us for not seeing anything but it sure was a frustrating day!

Tomorrow doesn't look to be anymore straight forward either... We're positioned in Pratt, KS and as of our drive here, anywhere from Omaha, NE to eastern KS to southern TX are all in play for tomorrow. We're hammering out a forecast now.

Storm Prediction Center's Day 2 (Sunday) risk for severe storms.