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Snow?! What about tornadoes?!

Just over a week until we're off work and free to head down to Tornado Alley. It's an odd one this year, that's for sure. Long range models are iffy, not too much consensus but what's even weirder? There's snow on the ground!

According to the NWS office in Little Rock this is the first time in recorded history that snow accumulation has occurred in May in Arkansas.

I've only been chasing for a few years, this year being my fourth time, so I don't have many years to compare this to. I wonder if any veteran chasers have come across this situation in the past?

I'm just wondering if I have to bring my winter boots storm chasing and if I should out the winter tires back on! Ha!

This weekend Brad and I are putting the finishing touches on the vehicle: installing the laptop stand, making sure all the electronics are working properly, etc.

It's getting close!

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