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May 16 - Chase Day 2 - Thunderstorms in NW Kansas

Hello from Colby, Kansas! Great to be back on the flat plains of western Kansas. We started our day very early since we had a lot of ground to cover: from Ardmore, OK to Colby, KS which is roughly 8 hours of driving (not including stops for gas, food and stretching). We had a quick bite in Ardmore, OK then hit the road heading north toward Oklahoma City then gradually northwest toward the Oklahoma panhandle.

Our target was west-central Kansas and it would put us in position for Friday's severe weather then the big stuff on the weekend.

From there we headed north into Kansas toward Liberal then north to Garden City, KS. We stopped there for lunch (Subway, what else) and reassessed the target. Storms were initiating right on the Nebraska/Colorado/Kansas border and moving toward Colby, KS. We headed north to Oakley, KS then north toward Colby, KS and played with the storms there. They weren't tornadic but boy did they have some great lightning! They also had some sizable hail (not as big as Texas the previous day). Since the threat of tornadoes was nil, we wanted to get "cored" by the storms. We found an amazing shelter and waited for the core ... and of course it *just* missed us to the north.

New pictures uploaded to the website found here: Chase Day 2 - Northwestern Kansas

New video uploaded to the website found here: Chase Day 1 - North-Central Texas

I have finished editing my video from our first chase day but every time I attempt to upload it the video fails ... Must be the hotel internet. I'll try again tomorrow evening if I can.

Calling it quits for today we headed back to Colby, KS for dinner and to spend the night. We ate at a place called Montana Mike's and it was pretty good. Chris Kridler will be joining us here tonight and then tomorrow we meet up with Scott McPartland and Dave Lewison.

Tomorrow looks like we have a loooong haul ... into Nebraska. Forecasting now and assessing a target.

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