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Chase Day 16 - Hey, There's Always Campo! (June 2)

There's a new saying in the storm chasing community when there's little-to-no chance of storms, "Hey, there's always Campo!" Reference to the May 31, 2010 beautiful, low probability tornado in Campo, Colorado. Many videos of the tornado can be found here: Campo, Colorado Tornado.

So we woke up in Amarillo, Texas (again) and headed through the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles to southern Colorado. Conditions weren't all that favourable but hey ... there's always Campo! So we made our way through the town of Campo and stopped to take fun pictures in front of the sign (such as this one of Dave):

Dave thinking, "Hey, there's always Campo!" in front of the Campo, Colorado sign.

Well the storms eventually got going and we headed to the storms just north of Springfield, Colorado. The storms weren't overly impressive but they did produce some great lightning and a rotating meso then dissipated. The gusts were picking up as the storm collapsed so we headed back to Springfield, Colorado then east to Ulysses, Kansas. Then it was time for gustnadoes ...

As the storm was gusting out it was producing many gustnadoes. We stopped in Ulysses, Kansas and let the storm overtake us. It split around us and we ended up with just a bit of wind and dust and so ended our last chase day.

We headed to Garden City, Kansas, basically where it all began to spend the night.

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