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Chase Day 14 - Dust Storms, Supercells, Hail (May 30)

Ugh ... What a day and night the day before was. We arrived at the motel and noticed there were beetles everywhere. We walked into our room and found three live beetles and several dead ones. The breaking point was when Brad lay his head down on his pillow and head a scratching noise ... There was a beetle INSIDE of his pillow case. We asked for a room that didn't have a door to the outside. We switched rooms and this one was beetle-free.

We were somewhat close to the target area so we didn't have far to go. We headed to Weatherford, Oklahoma as cells began to fire in the Texas panhandle. We made our way to Shamrock, Texas then south through Childress.

While making our way south the hail was getting larger so we held back for a bit until the larger hail passed. We continued south trying to catch up with a huge storm but we couldn't catch up to it. It passed over Paducah, Texas. As we moved through the town there was damage but hard to tell if it was tornadic or wind damage.

A cell formed west of the large cell we were initially heading for so we went for th new cell. Drought was our enemy this year. Due to the extreme drought conditions in the U.S., the dust being picked up by this storm was dangerous. We were driving through zero visibility at times. We also had zero data at the time so we were literally flying blind. We broke out of the dust and noticed the supercell was right on us at which point Brad said, "Maybe you should drive a little faster." There were little to no towns available for us to take shelter in. We moved through Guthrie and Scott and Dave decided to ride out the storm there.

We waited about 20 minutes south of the storm and south of Guthrie, Texas for the storm to pass then headed back north. As we approached the town we could make out Scott and Dave on the radio through static and pretty sure we heard "tennis ball". As we got into town we saw the hail: tennis ball sized hail everywhere. It was covering one of the town's football fields so we went and took pictures. Unfortunately some animals in a nearby barn were injured. Scott and Dave experienced near 150 km/h RFD winds and filmed the hail and damage.

Check out Scott and Dave's video from that day: Rolling Thunder: True Storm Chasing Stories ... Guthrie, Texas Supercell.

After taking pictures and video of the hail we called it a day and we had a long drive back to town. We spent the night in Childress, Texas.       

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