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Chase Day 12 - Gust Outs & Rainbows (May 28)

Can't believe we've been chasing for twelve straight days! Started off this morning in Hays, Kansas and we had quite the drive to our target near Wichita Falls, Texas. We began our trek south and a long, uneventful journey it was. As we were nearing the Texas border with Oklahoma, the storms were going up fast and furious. Several storms had matured with very large hail and moderate rotation. The better cell we were hoping to get on, between Vernon and Seymour, Texas was just too far for us to reach.

So we approached a storm just east of that one. It was showing good signs of rotation and large hail. There was a lot of lightning but the bases were so high. We separated from Scott and Dave to avoid hail and we noticed the storm was trying to build down but just could not get its act together.

We headed for Archer City, Texas to look for hail shelter. Since the storm was collapsing and the tornado threat was near zero, we decided it would be fun to ride out the hail under a shelter and film it. We found the perfect shelter just at the city limits and set up to shoot. Well the storm came, and collapsed. The winds were very strong, the rain was pouring, it felt like we were in a hurricane. But there was no hail! At least we got some fun video.

After that we decided to call it a day since no storms looked promising anymore. As we headed to Wichita Falls, Texas for the night we saw a beautiful rainbow and mammatus at sunset.

So now we're in Wichita Falls for the night and will most likely be chasing in Oklahoma tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of photos and videos - the driving is exhausting. Goodnight from Wichita Falls, Texas!

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