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Chase Day 6 - South Dakota & Friends (May 22)

So today was the long haul from Kansas to South Dakota. We began our trip north early this morning. The most favourable tornado conditions were way up in North Dakota near the Canadian border with Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We decided against that because (1) way too far to drive and (2) would put us waaaay out of position for tomorrow.

We finally met up with Scott McPartland and Dave Lewison in Prescho, South Dakota. It was great to finally see them again! We chased a few cells that went up just north of our position towards Pierre, South Dakota. The storms were very high based and held little promise at this point. While assessing data in Pierre, our friends Chris Kridler and Daniel Shaw showed up! So our giant convoy (or conga line) on chasers was together. We headed on a cell that was splitting just south of our position. On the way there, Chris comes over the radio and asks, "Am I missing an antenna?!"

Sure enough she was - but how did it happen? A pheasant flew into Chris' vehicle, bounced off it, hit her antenna and ripped it off and the bird essentially exploded on impact. Daniel was driving behind Chris as saw the whole thing. The best part? He got it all on video! Check it out below ...


So after that, we continued on the storm and saw a brief shear funnel. After that it all began to die off. So we headed back to Valentine, Nebraska where we're staying for the night.

The photos and videos are in the process of uploading, I will post links to it as soon as they're finished. 

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