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Hail Guards Nearing Completion

We've been hard at work the last couple of weeks planning, gathering and purchasing the items we need to complete our hail guards in time for the trip. We have a bit of work left to do but we're happy with the amount of work we have done. The hail guards for the front and middle driver and passenger windows are complete. The framing and complete for the rear windows. Left to do is add the Lexan onto the rear windows and build the hail guard for the trunk window. Here are a few images of the front window hail guards that are retractable (flip up and down depending on if we need them or not):

 The steel bar that the retractable Lexan guard will be fastened to.The hail guard (with protective sheet still on) in "deployed" position.The hail guard in the down position when not in use.

The hail guards for the middle windows will not be retractable. Due to the curvature of the vehicle, it would be far too difficult at the moment so they will remain in the deployed position at all time.

It was a miserable few days to be working on the vehicles. Temperatures were around 5°C with rain, snow and wind. We huddled in the garage, had some space heaters going and got to work. We'll be working on the guards again in a few days and putting the final touches on everything. We also are on the hunt for a certain connection we need to hook up the electronics to the vehicle's battery.

About 12 days until we leave! Getting excited and nervous ... Mostly nervous about getting everything done in time. Very excited to head down.

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I look forward to your chronicles of chasing.

April 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNotanee Bourassa
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