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2012 Preparations Begin!

Preparations for the 2012 storm chase adventure have begun. This year I will be storm chasing with meteorologist Brad Rousseau and our classmate/co-worker meteorologist and engineering Simon Eng. This will be the third year that Brad and I will be storm chasing in Tornado Alley but this will be Simon's first year so we hope it will be an eventful one for him. We will be meeting up with friends and fellow storm chasers Dave Lewison and Scott McPartland. Also, Mark Robinson will be shooting more episodes of Storm Hunters this spring in Tornado Alley.

If you ever think of taking your vehicle storm chasing and worry about damage to the vehicle, Dave and Scott installed hail guards on Scott's vehicle. They put together a great video as part of their web series Rolling Thunder: True Storm Chasing Stories. Click on the picture below to see the video on how their hail guards evolved:

It's fantastic that we have Simon coming with us this year. Not only because he's a good friend and knows a lot about tornadoes, but he's an engineer and it's always handy to have an engineer to help (right Dave?). 

So check back as I'll be updating the website with preparations, videos and photos leading up to our May departure.

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