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Eleventh Chase Day and Trek Home

Today was our last chase day and we decided to go for it. We chased around central Nebraska and to say it was windy would be an understatement! We knew today would be a tricky day. Based on model data and hodographs the cells would go up, begin rotating then quickly form into a squall line. Sure enough that's what happened. Not to mention the road network in central Nebraska is AWFUL. We ventured a little further north where a cell had just passed and came across baseball to softball size hail on the road - as well as a few smashed cars. We couldn't follow the storms north because they kept crossing the road at the same point thus we would have to drive through *falling* baseball to softball size hail - no thanks!

As the storms began to form into a squall line they looked so dramatic and made for some great video and photography. It was getting late and time for us to go. We said goodbye to our chase friends and began the trek back to Toronto. But not before nature had a treat in store: just as we were continuing down the road we managed to see a brief landspout tornado form off the edge of the squall line! And now we continue home ...

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