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Third Chase Day - Beautiful Storms

Today did have low potential for tornadoes so the fact that we didn't see one is not surprising. NWS SPC is only reporting one tornado report in far eastern Oklahoma. We began the day in Wichita and travelled to Pratt, Kansas where we had some lunch. Checked the radar after lunch and things were starting to get interesting. The rest of the day consisted of us basically driving in and around Pratt and a dryline sat almost stationary over the town. Storm after storm fired off this boundary. Each of these storms had weak tornadic potential but were visually nice to look at. The last storm of the day required us driving back to Pratt. Once we got just southeast of Pratt, the sun began to set which lead to one of the most beautiful storms I have ever seen. The structure was good but the lighting was spectacular. The colours were vivid oranges, blues, greens, reds, yellows. The photographs and video we got off this last storm is spectacular. Once the sun set we left the storm and drove to Enid, Oklahoma. We're spending the night here (in an awful hotel I might add - if you ever plan on staying in Enid at America's Best or Days Inn - DON'T!!!!!). Also the internet here is terrible so I won't be able to upload anything tonight. However, if you go to my Twitter I attached a Twitpic of the storm. Here's another one of the pictures:

Tomorrow has low potential again so we may or may not chase. There is also the annual chaser BBQ just north of Oklahoma City so we'll most likely head there for the afternoon. 

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