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Eureka, Springfield Verizon and Possums

We are currently sitting at a TA just outside Springfield, MO; Mark had to run in and purchase a magnet. This morning after we had breakfast, Mark and I went over to the Verizon store to get the hotspot. At first the guy said, "Yeah, not a problem, let's set you up!" And then he realized that we don't have a social security number. I told him that I called Verizon about 5 different times to confirm that I wouldn't need any of that information but alas, we did. So the nice man at Verizon stayed on the phone with up to about 10 different people. Finally they were able to give us the device and a plan but we had to give them Mark's social insurance number ... Hello identity theft! So we now have the mobile hotspot and it's running in the van. So far it's been working without a snag on everyone's PC's but my Mac had a few issues. Everything seems to be working now so we're all mobile and connected.

We're headed towards Springfield, MO where we'll grab a bite to eat. We'll then continue on to Norman, OK where we'll spend the night. The models have been trending much better for the next few days and by better I mean stormy weather! We'll most likely stay in Norman through the day tomorrow as it has many access routes to highways in all different directions. Our target "zone" is around Norman so we shouldn't have to stray more than a few hours in any direction. We'll reassess the new runs tonight then nowcast throughout the day tomorrow. Looks like tomorrow could be our first chase day!

Thursday it looks like we'll be a bit further north into Kansas. Brad and Mark have been forecasting the whole morning and right now, based on today's models, Greensburg, KS seems to be sitting under the triple point which would be devastating.

For more in depth meteorological discussion, visit Brad's blog.

And what about the possum? Well ... Brad hit a possum last night and it did not look pretty ... poor Brad!

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