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Leaving Tomorrow

So the trip is back on. We'll be departing late tomorrow or very early on Monday. The ensembles and weather models have been, well, awful. They've been flip-flopping back and forth. There will be chase-able storms but at this point, no real textbook set ups are in the forecast. Let's hope things work out! I can't post too much right now because there's a lot of electronic / equipment stuff I need to finish as well as pack for the trip. Tomorrow we will be meeting Mark at his place with the rental vehicle and we'll be packing it and hooking up the electronics. Based on tomorrow's weather models we'll decide whether to leave tomorrow night or Monday morning. Will post as soon as I get a chance. I'll also tweet as we set up including some pictures of the vehicles and hooking up the equipment so if you can, follow me on Twitter: @daynavettese

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